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Value Ink Consulting

Leaders in utilising Value Methodology for cost reduction, improved value & long term, sustainable competitiveness.

Modern Beer Brewery

Solutions for your Business

Offering end to end solutions for the food manufacturing industry that drive efficiency and save you money.


We offer a range of solutions to ensure your project, process or product delivers for your business. Drive costs down, improve value and achieve long term sustainability - that's the Value Ink way.

Our Services

Value Planning Studies

Designed to problem solve, and create innovation for your project, to deliver the best possible long-term strategic value.

Value Engineering Studies

Value Methodology framework used for capital projects, to ensure that your company will get the best long-term value for money at the lowest cost.

Thinking Outside the Box

Progressive and up to date analysis of your processes to help you understand, foster and facilitate value in your business.


"With Neil’s guidance we were able to effectively address hard held beliefs and explore relevant new methods and technological advancements. Both occasions uncovered significant untapped value."  

Jane Bird

Technologist, Strategist and People Leader,

Specialising in Retail and Manufacturing

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