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Value Planning Studies

The Value Planning Study (VPS) is Designed to be utilised for front end loading of projects or to create innovative ideas for a project. A VPS is designed to achieve create solutuions  and enhanced outcomes.

A VPS is conducted in the innovation or "brainstorming" phase for products or projects.

It follows a six step plan that looks for creative ways of achieving the desired function or purpose that has been identified as your project objective.

Plan stages:

 1. Information

 2. Function

 3. Creativity

 4. Evaluation

 5. Recommendation

 6. Implementation

Value Ink will work with your company to establish an internal cross functional team. 

Recommendations made to your organisation are based on facts & data and are aimed at achieving optimal long term value.

"Playing the role of ‘wildcard’ in two of Neil’s Value Planning Studies (VPS) allowed me to challenge the status quo from a perspective of unlearned assumptions. The inclusion of diverse, critical thinking provided for open and fresh collaboration, cutting through hierarchy and business disciplines alike. Participating in one of Neil’s well led studies is a most rewarding experience and one that affords lasting cross-functional engagement and ownership of the outcomes.  VPS is a thoroughly enjoyable experience and one I highly recommend for a business looking to achieve more"

Jane Bird

Technologist, Strategist and People Leader,

Specialising in Retail and Manufacturing

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