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Value Engineering Studies

Value Engineering Studies (VES) are a systematic and structured process that improves the function or purpose of your projects, products and processes. A VES is designed to analyse and improve:
 - Manufacturing products and processes
 - Design and construction projects
 - Business and administrative processes

 - The cost base of your project

 - Ensure that the functionality or purpose of the project will actually be achieved

A VES is conducted once your project has a detailed program of work at about 75% design phase and follows the 6 step SAVE international guidelines. It is especially helpful where clarity and detailed analysis of the proposed solution is required, before capital is committed.

Value Ink will make recommendations based on facts & data while taking into account life cycle costing and the effect of capital on EBIT/ROIC. 
We focus on obtaining the best value for money whilst the concept of long thinking is preserved.

A VES helps achieve an optimum balance between function, performance, quality, safety and cost.

"Neil led many Value Planning Studies, Value Engineering Studies and Aim & Drives at Simplot, pulling together cross-functional stakeholders from across the business to ensure that Simplot extracted maximum value from its existing assets, products and new investments. I would not hesitate in recommending Neil to any organisation (especially complex ones) where the goal is to extract maximum value from existing assets, products or new investments."


Paul Dugdale

Former Head of Engineering, Assets & Environment at Simplot Australia Pty Ltd

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