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Cox & Plant have been making vibratory conveyor systems for the food processing industry since 1973. Their products lead the market and deliver innovative systems which are setting new standards in the food processing industry.
Cox & Plant products are designed to add value to your business and typically see a return on investment within 12 months. Their systems are guaranteed to make your business less wasteful, more efficient, and significantly more productive. 

3D Tubular Incline Conveyor.JPG


Conveying Equipment

The most effective vibratory conveyor systems on the market. Cox & Plant can provide a variety of solutions to suit your business' needs. 


Mixing Equipment

Large capacity mixing systems capable of delivering  to tight accuracy requirements, saving your company money.

3D Flavour System.jpg
3D Cluster Buster Frozen Products.JPG


Grading & Sizing Equipment

Grading systems that assist in bringing a premium quality product to market, every time.

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